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Date: 01st August 2017 | Time: 3:59 pm

Blog: How to survive your first day in the office Part 1

The first day in a new job is a stomach churning combination of exciting and terrifying. The chance to prove yourself and be challenged by new opportunities is coupled with the overwhelming thought that you won’t know which mug to use in the kitchen or where the toilets are. Being the newbie is daunting – not least because you will have given a very rosy impression of yourself in interview and now you need to show-up on all those promises of genius!

Invest in that new, motivational stationery, you know the sort. Then take a deep breath – you can totally handle those first 8 hours.

As a little helping hand, we’ve got 10 top tips on how to survive your first day in the office. This blog is a two-parter so here goes the first 5.

Number one rule…


  1. Be Yourself

On your first day in the office we are obviously talking about being your professional self not your Saturday-night-down-the-Toon self. Remember you got the job because your employers liked you; you stood out from all the other competition and they recognised real potential. Be friendly, open and smile – despite the nerves – people warm quickly to a genuine person.


  1. Do your research

‘Fail to prepare. Prepare to Fail.’ Doing your research ahead of your first day will help calm your nerves. You’ll have a fair idea of the organisation from the prep you did for your interview but it will go a long way to help you get a flying start if you research the company, look at its website, find out more about their values and aims. Familiarise yourself with your route to the office too – no one wants to be on the wrong metro or get lost and end up being late on their first day.


  1. Be on time

Make sure you arrive promptly on your first day, this will show you are hardworking, keen and ready to get cracking. There’s a fine line though so don’t arrive too early as you’ll be twiddling your thumbs and you might throw off your boss who is likely to need a minute to get their head together so they can welcome you effectively.


  1. There’s no such thing as a stupid question

You might have your game face on and giving off a swan-like serenity but to ensure your legs don’t need to be paddling quite so frantically under the surface, make sure you ask all the questions. The first few days are the ideal time to pick up as much information as you can about your job and the organisation. Make the most of being a newbie and fire out those questions; there’s no such thing as a stupid question.


  1. First impressions count

One of the biggest decisions to make on your first day of work is what to wear? It’s hard to know how to pitch it just right. Smart, professional and conservative is always advisable, even if when you turn up everyone is wearing jeans. It’s better to start strong and make a good first impression than feel uncomfortable or look sloppy; it will reflect badly. Once you get to know the culture of the organisation, you can start to tailor your outfits accordingly.  

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