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Date: 07th August 2017 | Time: 3:15 pm

Blog: How to survive your first day in the office Part 2

It’s tough starting a new job. You’ve aced the interview but now you need to deliver on all those promises of excellence! Then on your first few days you realise it’s surprisingly exhausting getting to know new systems, remembering your login and being overly friendly all at the same time. In the first part of this blog on How to survive your first day in the office – we threw you a life-ring in the shape of 5 top tips; and here are 5 more which will set you on your way to a glittering career.

In part 1, we covered being yourself, doing your research ahead of your first day and not being afraid to ask your burning questions, however stupid they might feel. Here goes for part 2…

6. Be positive and keen

Despite any reservations or nerves, be positive and show willing on your first day. It can be a day of information overload so make sure you remain enthusiastic; you can process the more overwhelming thoughts once you get home. Ask questions to show you are interested and keen to learn, say ‘yes’ and be ready to muck in.

7. Ready to learn

Remember that although you are skilled, bursting with talent and raring to go – there is always room to develop. No one expects you to know everything and have all the answers. Be ready and willing to soak up the knowledge and expertise on offer from your new colleagues and boss. You’ll quickly learn. Don’t forget a new job is an ideal opportunity to grow, mature and become even better than you already are!

8. Fake it til you make it

So you’re ready to learn and you’re prepped to ask lots of questions but also – be confident in your abilities even if you don’t feel very confident on your first day. The organisation has chosen you because you were the best for the role so be confident in that truth and just keep swimming even if you find it overwhelming; before you know it you won’t need to fake it anymore, you’ll have nailed it.

9. Take your turn on the tea round

There’s nothing a good cuppa can’t fix! It’s also a great way to show you’re a team player and all-round nice person. So offer to make the tea round as a way to break the ice and start conversations. Also, take up the opportunities to socialise with your colleagues after work when they arise. It’s a great way to really get to know people which will help you work better as a team back in the office. Be warned: people have very specific tea requirements – this chart may come in handy!

10. Deep breathes and dive in

Your first day is pretty overwhelming so just stay calm, take deep breathes and remember even by the end of the week it won’t all feel so new anymore. By the end of the first month it’ll be second nature. Accept that you may be overloaded with information but relax and try and take in as much as you can – make good use of that motivational notebook you bought especially.

(Obviously it goes without saying that you should keep the swearing to a minimum (read the room!), be professional and don’t insult your boss!)


It’s surprisingly exhausting getting to know new systems, remembering your login and being overly friendly all at the same time. You’ll have earned a big glass of wine at the end of all this – but not too much as you’ve got to do it all again tomorrow!

At FiveThree7, we know it can be daunting to start a new job but we’ve all been there! Come and join our team where we can help you develop and support you to turn ambition into success.

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